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****Viewing Image Issues****

Java image viewing issue.
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Contact:Sean Keefe Company:Eastern Engineering (Fishers)
PreBid Date: Not Furnished Bid Date: Not Furnished

Public Notes:
Java updates since September 2015 do not allow viewing of the TIF files on the View Drawings and Addenda page. We apologize for the inconvenience. IF your Java version has not been updated and you add http://www.skillmanplanroom.com to your Java exception list (by accessing your control panel. Select Java, a screen will open up with several tabs listed at the top. Select the security tab. Select the Edit Site list... Click add and paste in the address listed above. Click OK.), you will still be able to view.

If you have any issues with this please call Eastern Engineering Fishers office at 317-598-0661.

REMEMBER, Skillman's downloads are FREE. You are not automatically required to place a bid by placing an order for the Free Downloads. So please, feel free to view the drawings and specs by ordering the Free Downloads. Thank you very much.